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16 May 1977
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LJ started as my quiz only journal and place to interact with friends who have an LJ, but now I syndicate my domain journal over here and also blather other random stuff here as well. About 99% of all posts are open to the public.

I'm not one of those "LJ Drama" people. I don't obsessively track who adds me or who drops me. In fact, I almost never remember to check that kind of thing. So if you found me, post and say hi. Odds are, I didn't notice the change on my list. (Really, it's nothing personal.) If we don't mesh, no worries. It happens and I don't take it personally.


Basic, Random Info:
Eclectic 36 year old Pagan woman born with Sight and random moments of Understanding who frequently gets befuddled in the mass and chaos of daily life. Searches for Truth but gets sidetracked often. Believes in spirituality rather then religion. Dreams in Technicolor rainbows. Sings in the car and the shower. Fiercely liberal, registered Democrat, unwaveringly Pro Choice, Pro Gay Rights, and believes in "live and let live."

Lives in the sunshine state of Florida with her wonderful guy (herein referred to simply as "Love") and two three felines:
The big brown tabby girl, Mika, the little grey girl, Gracie and the new fluffy orange kitten, Ginger.
Struggles with chronic health and chronic pain issues.
(Please take the time to read this post about my health to get a better understanding what I mean by chronic health concerns. I'm very tired of people refusing to understand that you can be ill or have on-going problems without "looking" sick. Don't judge someone else without knowing what it's really like.)
Had a Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy (TLH) on October 5, 2011 after discovering almost 3lbs of tumors in my uterus. It's been a long, slow, heal (takes a full year for total recovery) but I'm healthy and that's what counts.

Runs a small business called PhoenixFire Designs specializing in custom, handmade jewelry including my world-famous Tree of Life pendants.
~*~ Also check out my website, www.TreeofLifePendants.com for photos of new items, custom orders and other assorted crafty projects! ~*~


  • My favorite colors are jewel tones (like amethyst purple, emerald green, ruby red, sapphire blue, turquoise, and amber) or earth tones (like greens/browns together).
  • My favorite color combination is a deep teal blue and chocolate brown together. It makes me happy.
  • My favorite colors for shirts/clothes are browns, greens, purples, and both heather and charcoal greys.
  • I also love things that go along with my "PhoenixFire" theme like reds/oranges/yellows together
  • I like silver but not really gold. (Copper's ok too.)
  • My favorite animals are cats, owls, penguins, bats and red foxes.
  • My favorite flower is the Daffodil.
  • My favorite movie is Back to the Future
  • My favorite hobbies include: reading, photography and I love all things Disney!
  • I live in fitted tee shirts (size small)

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Please support Breast Cancer Awareness. Breast cancer has hit many women in my family and my own sister was diagnosed in July 2007. She started chemotherapy in November 2007. This is a horrible disease and it's my deepest hope that someday soon no woman will have to endure it ever again. Check your local community for walks, promote research and support charities searching for a cure.
National Breast Cancer Foundation

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